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Part 5 of "The Supermarket Guy" a lost hope...

I finallly decided to stop writing and focus on more fortuitous lifestyle for yours truly.

I was over halfway done of Part 5, but I woke up from a dream late at night and realized that I was missing out on life. That I was wasting it on writing my books, books that do not bring any personal satisfaction or relaxation into my life. Earth energy that was grounded by my big toes and fairly long toenails, digging into mother earth...

Yes. I woke up from my dream, and the answer was in a hamsters eyes. I seen a few hamsters duelling at a pet shop here, and it matched my dream exactly. I bought them both, gave them lots of wood chips, and a fruit bowl. I set them up a little wheel, hooked up to a small generator, from where they can produce a bit of power to light up a light.

I was thinking of doing a clothing line for the Hamsters. Maybe even an online order of dry, sealed, food stuffs for the Hamster lifestyle that we all fall short of.

Yes, we can all forget about my writings. I am some…
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Rickanotious... The fastest skater in the land....

Rickanotious, was the fastest figure skater in the land. Whoa... After sharpening his blades, he had to run some very gritty sand paper over them to slow him down on the ice...

His tight spandex pants and shirt, was enough to make the women flock in and watch him do super twirls, and fly high into the air so high, that sometimes he would hit the metal beams strewn across the roof trusses built tough enough that a few meters of snow could not make them fall.... Yes, he would bend the beams with his metal head...

Then came a challenge to his figure skating empire... Optumplumpious... Big, round, jolly of a man... When he burped, it created so much thrust that he flew ten feet off of the ice and did 10 twirls in the air and landed so heavily on the ice, that it cracked the ice so badly, that after his performance the Zamboni had to go over the ice ten times in order to repair it....

Would he be great enough to defeat Rickanotious...  He was sweating profusely, watching Optumplumpious ea…

Valentines Day A Very Special Day!

Valentines Day! For Harold Wannapus, that means wrapping a bologna sandwich up, all dressed with dijon French mustard all drizzled and messy over it! To place in a beautiful brown paper bag, to give to his wife as a gift!

Yes, who needs roses? Chocolates! Weight gainers! No, just need to save money and not go out to that expensive restaurant! Massages. Blah! Cards? Buy her what she really wants, a box of Dixie Lee chicken!

What more can a couple ask for for Valentines day. I mean, really!

Part 4 is free and available but in limited quantities!

Part 4 is free for now, and available in limited quanties ( 50 downloads per day),  500 per month...

At least I think I set it up that way... Here is the link to Bookfunnel.

I tried Goodreads Giveaway, but you had to be a member of KDP publishing on Amazon. Frustrating, but there is always another way to skin a cat.

I waited a long time for Goodreads to offer ebook giveaways to everybody, but that only included KDP authors from Amazon.

So, I had to take it to this route. And to give my book to many, to get the word out. Something an author has a hard time to do, to sink the flagship battleship!!! 

Oh well, hope there are some positives out of this... I hope... Download it for free, if you can get it in time before the downloads run out!

Have a supermarket kind of day...

The Supermarket Guy 5 progress 2018 report

Part 5 is truddging along, terribly slowly, to the finish line. Thought this would be all done this fall. Lack of time again, and a lack of desire to continue to finish it, kept me from putting it into production.

I wrote three pages the other night, and things went together very well. I may write tonight, if the time permits.

This has been the worst year ever for the series, and it should have been the best. With the release of Part 4 in the fall of 2017, absolutely nothing happened. Producting an ebook in each and nearly every format did nothing for reviews, or sales. But I really have limited choice, with hardly no sales, and the high production costs associated with paperback and ebook, the ebook route is the only option for me at this point.

Probably also the reason for the lack of energy put into finishing part 5. But, I do feel like finishing this one.... I will most certainly try..

Till next time..

The Self Publishing 12 days of Christmas for 95 % of us...

What does Christmas mean for the majority of us self published authors. I think of the 12 days of self publishing... Scrooge approved.

1. The usual "Gesh, I didn't know you wrote a book! Where did you find time for that" from festive long lost friends or relatives.

2. When your manly friends tell you "Oh, I did'nt have time to read your books, but my wife read it and she sure likes it... But she likes just about anything she reads"

3. Where can I get a copy of that. I don't got a credit card so I can't order it online... Do you got any free copies...

4. The wife tells you "Why are you spending so much time on that thing. You got wood to split!"

5. Your son tells you "You should have put more pictures in that novel, dad. Maybe then I would have read it"

6. Your local library tells you "Oh, what a cute little book... We will put it way up there on the top shelf where it will keep the dust from falling on the traditional books"


Supermarket Guy 5 halfway done

It is times like these, where I ask myself, should I complete Part 5. Waivering again, not sure of finishing the book. Progressing behind my own time limit, wondering what is the use to continue on writing books that are not highly in demand.

Last year or so, possibly the worst yet the best year for my series. Winning a humor award, but yet producing the worst sales to date. Best review from a review site as well for Part 4,  yet no results at the back end of the sales.

I probably will finish part 5,  but surely over the next year, it more than likely will mean retirement from writing this style of books. Humor cannot finish far ahead of the other genres, unless you possibly have a ton of money for marketing, or you are a famous star who can crank anything out and it will more than likely sell, even if it is bad.

I will more than likely complete the cover on Part 5, and finish the body, but this probably will be the last, if results are much the same as for the rest of the series.