Tilled my Fathers Garden the other day.

I tilled my fathers garden the other day. The ground, was not froze at all, for Northern NB. Exposed to have snow and ice pellets tomorrow morning, then changing into rain.  My dad always said, only after the first week of June, gardens are normally planted. This is when you are sure to have no heavy duty frost in the morning.

Green beans, butter beans, carrots, onions and cucumbers are usually the norm in our garden. We are not too much into the potato thing, but many farmers up North plant allot of potatoes and they do have great crop yields. Only if a blight comes, too much rain and fog, does thing goes sour for the gardens.

By tilling the garden the other day, makes it a little less work in the heat for myself, later on. I found it was hard, as the soil would get hard packed, when tilling it in the first week of June. In the late fall, when the bean pods get a rust on them, we shell the beans and make a pot. Those beans are delicious, with butter, salt, pepper, and an onion boiled down in water.

Well, time to go to work... Have a great day, thinking about your gardens.. Till then.


oilers said…
Had allot of bean pods come the fall. Tomatoes, were good, cucumbers were very good. Only the beets did not come that good.

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