Jorumthium has a pet whale!

Rukkabunk looked up at his mother. He was carrying his prized yorkshire terrier abord the luxury cruise ship, the prestigious oil tanker "Black Sea Patches", as its rusty old sheet metal was thin and sometimes let out a streak of oil slick on top of the mighty world oceans.

Rukkabunk looked at pitiful, weak Jorumthium and laughed "I bet Jorumthium wishes he had a pet lime mine! My dog is some smart and sharp, probably way to intelligent for that 5 year old kid over there!"

His elegant red leather dressed, high heeled mom smirked and patted him on the head "Son, you know what I told you about belittling people! Do your best to show them that you are pretty much perfect in everything, and that they are lousy in all what they do! Then throw your Yorkshire Terrier head first at the little boy, and watch him bite his head off!"

Poor Jorumthium ducked near the side rails on the top deck of the boat, as the poor little Yorkshire Terrier flew over the deck... Rukkabunk cried "No, Elitizio... No.."

The dogs jump over the deck was way to high for a Yorkshire Terrier, and poor Jorunthium shit his pants on deck on the fear of the dogs  jaws wide open at him.

Rukkabunk and his mother ran to the railing.  She grabbed Jorumthium by the arm and applied much pressure "You two bit rascal of a boy! You ducked, so poor Elitizio swung over the top rail of this beautiful oil ship cruise ship! I will toss you over and..."

Jorumthium pleaded "No, wait, my pet whale will save him! Look, he just blew his water from his port hole as we speak!"

Both Rukkabunk and his mother paused in shear amazement. She opened her jaws wide, as the whale leaped 40 feet out of the water and shot out the Yorkshire terrier at the lady at a near cruise missile speed. The woman and her son flew back and hit the oily, grungy back to the boat, and became knocked unconscious for awhile.. The large splash rocked the boat somewhat... All the onlookers applauded, as now Jorunthium would be now a friend of the oil captian!

Jorumthium waved at his pet whale... "Thanks for the help, next time toss a tuna over, buddy! I am some starving!"


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