Put the 5.92 L Honko motor on Grandma's chair lift!

Grandma Ponkotup whizzed and whirred down the stairs in her electric chairlift like it was a magic carpet ride... Until, her electronic chair ran over her son Fruknuts tube of permethrin lotion for his crabs...

The stuff just squirted all out, and some got caught in between the banged up enclosure over the electric motor and gave Grannie a good shock...

So much of a shock, that she fell off the chair and tumbled and hurled down the stairs shouting "That last lobster is mine, that last lobster is mine, get your grubby hands off of it.. Get your grubby hands off of it now mister!"

Reviving those good ole days, of when her husband was alive... How he would try to out stage her in the county lobster cracking festival, all for to win a free deworming at the local detox center in the downtown city main street.

Fruknuts ran over and cried "My crabs, now I'll never get rid of em..."

Anissohi, his adopted brother screamed as he put a helium balloon up his Grannies mouth and compressed the bag "I can save er! Get me more of the twenty twiplets babies birthday balloons, quick!"

Grannie got up on her feet and kicked Anissohi and Fruknuts in the butt in one circular motion as she held on to the bottom post of the staircase "You idiots! You ruined me friggin chair, Fruknuts! What are you going to do to repair my dam chair, you two grandson clowns of mine!"

Anissohi looked at Fruknuts "Grannie, do not worry your little falsies off one bit. Stop grinding em. Fruknuts got a 5.92 L Honko motor in his truck. We will hook it up to your stairlift chairlift, or whatever, and everyting is going to be alwight..."

Fruknuts face soured, and his mouth turned upside down "How da hell will I ever get to the swamp to see the frogs croaking anymores?"

To be continued-   Buy my books if you really want to laugh harder!


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